All the staff and teachers at Panda Bear are amazing and show their passion and enthusiasm when working with the children in the class. They support each child & positive self-development and also facilitate peer interactions and social skills amongst all the children. They are always available to talk about parent’s concerns and address those concerns right away.
Panda Bear is an inclusive preschool and considers all children’s needs. The staff and program have been instrumental in assisting my son with his special needs.
The staff have been very considerate and adapted their preschool program to foster to my son’s personal social, emotional, physical, and educational needs.

When making the decision about where to send my two children to preschool, I had researched and visited approximately 10-15 different daycare/preschool facilities in Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam, and Panda Bear was the obvious choice and stood out amongst all the other centres I visited.
We have been nothing but happy with the staff! Our little guy is very headstrong and hyper, and they handle him beautifully.